Invited Talks and Colloquia

  • Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
    Postgraduate training class, Stanford University, CA, Jun 2015
  • Less Death by PowerPoint
    BSI Postdoctoral Fellow Association, RIKEN, Japan, Sep 2014
  • Improving Identification of Weak Stimuli with Weak TMS
    CBS meeting, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, September 2012, Japan
  • Phosphene Thresholds, and Augmenting Visual Perception with Subthreshold TMS
    MARCS, Western Sydney University, Australia, Oct 2011
  • TMS: History, Design, Mechanisms, Coils and Calibration
    University of Sydney, Perception Group Meeting, Australia, 2011
  • Accurate and Rapid Estimation of Phosphene Thresholds
    TMSWorkshop, Macquarie University, Australia, 2011
  • Dipping into Dip: History, Mechanisms, Properties and Applications of the Dipper Function
    Perception Group Meeting, University of Sydney, Australia, 2009
  • Let’s (Briefly) Break the Brain: Introduction to TMS
    Perception Group Meeting, University of Sydney, Australia, 2008
  • The Effect of Affective Hand Gestures on Visual Attention
    Digital Humanities Show & Tell, Western Sydney University, Australia, 2006